Get Organized for Fall with Four Ways to Control Your Chaos

Summer was a blast, you went on vacation, hosted some backyard parties, and enjoyed that gorgeous warm weather. Fall is encroaching and with the weather change comes the realization that, unfortunately, you won’t be using your giant pizza-shaped pool float for a while. Families that have children home over the summer can especially relate to chaos within the home. Fall is the ideal time to put everything in its place and get organized before the holidays come along.

Tackle the Garage First

Pool toys, beach buckets, and other miscellaneous items end up tossed in the garage when they are no longer needed. This gets messy in a hurry particularly for people whose garage was full to begin with. First, gather up all the summer items and toss any that are broken and damaged. There is no reason to hold on to something you won’t use again. You might realize that you acquired quite a few new things this summer and simply do not have room. A utility shed is a great solution. You can store lawn tools, seasonal items, outdoor furniture, and anything else in there for easy access and to simultaneously free up garage space.

Those Closets Won’t Clean Themselves

Closets become a catch-all spot when you are in a hurry and they often get messy and disorganized. Don’t wait until the holidays when you get more stuff to add to your pre-existing mess. Instead progressively work through each closet in the house making a pile for donations and trash. The rest can be hung up, folded onto shelves, stored in plastic bins, or placed in a closet organizer.

You Might Be Surprised What’s in Your Cabinets

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets rarely get a thorough cleaning. That means that there are probably items you never use in there that you’ve forgotten about. They are just taking up space. Clear everything out of a cabinet using the same method as with the closets- keep, toss, donate. After the cabinets are empty chances are they could do with a wipe down. Give them a clean with multipurpose spray before neatly arranging your items back inside each cabinet for a thorough job well done.

Bye-Bye Cord Clutter

We live in the technology age whether all our gadgets, computers, and phones require some sort of cord. These can turn into an ugly, tangled mess. Even though it can be stressful unplug all these cords, detangle them, and label them with bread bag clips. Next, get them out of sight by putting them in a box or using cord covers from the hardware store.

Over the course of the summer, your spring cleaning was likely disrupted. As fall arrives it is a great time to clear clutter, toss trash, gather donations, and organize. The garage, closets, cabinets, and cords are the top four areas that need attention. Organizing these areas makes it easier to find things quickly and helps your home have an improved flow.