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The Automated Answering Service Perspective

With respect to outsourcing job functions, one such kind of job service design is the answering service which takes phone calls, appointments and customer inquiries, thus substituting the normal tasks of an in-house receptionist. There are two types of answering services: the live answering service, which hires a human call operator or receptionist to take the calls, and the automated answering service which directs calls using a recorded menu of options to choose from.

A real cost-saving facility, the automated answering service can do multiple tasks, depending on the specific preferences of a business company, a common one is appointment scheduling backed up by a reminder and confirmation call service. Troubleshooting cases or specific management application cases can be resolved by simply tapping the automated answering service system under customer service call. Another great feature of an automated answering device is that it can be programmed to make route calls to persons concerned reminding them on a maintenance scheduled appointment.

The marketing department of a company can make use of the automated answering device to make inbound telemarketing service which is taking calls from prospective customers and recording information from these call transactions. A business company can also require the automated answering device to be equipped with an integrated voice response system where it forwards the caller to say his/her message to an automated and customized voicemail box and the voicemail message can be sent to a specified email address. One final feature is for the automated answering service be available for exclusive use by a client in different geographic locations.

The effect of having an automated answering service reduces the cost of hiring a receptionist and an additional workforce to handle multiple tasks that can be easily performed by an automated answering service at real savings cost. Having this kind of service, like handling efficient calls with menu guides and other options to your preferences, will help make your company look professional and established. Allowing for productive time to be used by the company personnel instead of utilizing time to receive call messages from clients is also one great benefit that can be derived in using this service.

Another area of benefit is via telecommunication where an automated answering service is able to connect to company staff that are assigned in remote areas and lessened waiting time to convey messages. A company does not have to further invest on additional phone hardware, when adapting this type of service, as the system is sufficient enough. By installing an automated answering service, it is easy to update your system when there is a need to, like for example, adding information boxes or changing the information in the existing call boxes, changing options on call forwarding, record new phrases of greetings, or update any new extensions in your company’s department.

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